The Gilded Scarab by Anna Butler

Wow, this is one of the hardest books to rate. I loved the last hundred pages or so. Really didn’t liked the first 100 or so and the middle, well parts were entertaining. Once I got past the first person narrative, something else I’m not fond of (blurb, doesn’t lead you to believe it is) and the story stopped being a “day in the life” type setting. We really started getting into a great story line. Rafe, an ex-aeronaut for Her Britannic Majesty was injured and now living back in Londinium. Just bought a coffee shop and is trying to stay out of House politics. Ned, a gentleman Rafe meets and then disappears for several months comes back into his life only to turn it upside down.   We have a lover’s triangle, polities, intrigue, and plot to over throw Houses of government. All the while Rafe’s family is trying to bring him back into the fold, and Rafe and Ned courting each other secretly. You’ve a lot of stuff going on, lot of unique words because of the steampunk setting of the book and yet you still have the ole’ English feel, that’s hard to accomplish, well done.