The Dragons’ Demon (Ethereal Foes #1) by Marie Harte


Who would have thought Dragons and Demons go together? I certainly didn’t, but the chemistry between the ones in this story is off the charts!!  Eve goes out to return a royal dragon egg that her brothers stole. She wasn’t expecting to feel what she did when she picked up the egg. Inside is the future King Jentaron. Caught with the egg, the Royal Prince Ranton wants to punish her. But, his idea of punishment changes when he senses the connection Eve has with the egg.

Eve is not a submissive woman – demon or not! Ranton is pure alpha dragon and he tries to dominate her. I loved watching the power struggle between the two! Then, it become a ménage and the story gets a little weird. I did enjoy it, though.

Even though it’s a quick read, this story is full of sexy hotness and yummy shifters! Great for the summer!