#Spank of the Day: Just Right for Me 1

Mary Wehr

Just Right for Me

Mia Adam’s disapproved of her sister’s Domestic Discipline marriage, but when her old flame comes back to town and suggests they give domestic discipline a whirl she changes her mind. She still regrets the day she had lost her temper and sent Ross Garrison running for the hills. She’d do anything for a second chance.

Ross Garrison returned to Pennsylvania to attend his aunt’s funeral and hopefully get a second chance with the woman who had stolen his heart so long ago. Mia possessed a temper to rival the devil and had a penchant for jumping to conclusions, but Ross was no longer the young man who avoided drama as much as possible. He had matured during his stint in the Marines and was quite capable of taming his wildcat with a good old-fashioned spanking or two.

Mia’s childhood lacked love and discipline and the uncle she thought would always be there for her had betrayed her in the worst possible way. Could she put aside her trust issues and allow Ross to know what was good for her even though her bottom would more than likely suffer the consequences?


He picked her up by the waist, sat down on the edge of the bed and turned her over his lap. Mia’s breath whooshed as she found herself dangling over his knees, her face nearly planted on the floor. She kicked out her feet and pounded his legs with her fists. “Let me go you big bully. You can’t spank me.”

“Is that right? That’s it, darlin’ keep kicking. You’re giving me quite a show.” Cool breeze brushed across her skin. Mia screamed in mortification. Why, oh, why hadn’t she put on a pair of underwear? “As for letting you go, you’ve crossed the line. I was going to let the cursing slide, but the fact that you believe I’m just looking for sex is whole other matter. I told you in all honesty that I wanted to try again, but you’ve jumped to the wrong conclusions as always and are determined to believe the worst of me.” He patted her right cheek.

Mia gritted her teeth and snarled, “Don’t you dare.”

“Oh, but I do dare.”

Mia wriggled and fought and scratched, but Ross’s strength outmatched hers. “Don’t fret darlin’. This ass will be smokin’ hot by the time I’m through.” His warm palm rubbed light circles over her bare bottom. “Not that your delectable bottom isn’t hot already. Mia sweetheart, you have the most beautiful, spankable ass. Do you know that?” Mia sank her teeth into his leg.

“Ouch, you little brat. I guess we’ll have to do this the hard way.” He spread his knees so that she was draped over one hard thigh and her legs were pinned with one of his. He captured both her wrists and locked them at the small of her back. She couldn’t move. “Now settle down and take what’s comin’.” WHACK.

Mia shrieked, “Damn, Ross, it hurts.”

“Language, young lady, and I suggest you tone it down a hair unless you want an audience. If I recall correctly, these walls are paper thin. And for heaven’s sake, it was barely a pat besides, a spanking is supposed to hurt.” He rained a series of spanks, striking each cheek in turn and Mia bit back a curse. She eyed his strong calf and pressed her mouth to his leg. Ross reached around her body and secured her more firmly against his waist. She twisted to glare at him. He shook a finger at her. “You bite me again and you’ll regret it.”

“I’m regretting it now,” she whined.

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I love to read and write romance that have stern, yet caring heroes and sassy, spunky ladies. My heroes are Alpha and strongly believe that a woman is never too old to be spanked.

I also have a soft spot for animals, enjoy long walks and spend a lot of time outdoors.

Thank you so much for buying my books.

Happy reading!


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