#Spank of the Day: Groomzilla

Sam Kritzer

GroomzillaAfter years of waiting for society to clear the way for same sex marriage, Assistant District Attorney Aaron Berg finally gets what he’s been waiting for – a proposal from his long-time boyfriend, Detective Peter Bryant.

Aaron only wants one other thing: The Perfect Wedding.

Soon enough, that dream becomes a nightmare for Peter and those around him as Aaron inflicts his Type-A, perfectionist tendencies on everyone from co-workers to family to wedding planners. But if life with Aaron has taught Peter one thing, it’s that nothing gets his lover’s attention like a hard, bare-bottom spanking.

For this couple, the path to the pulpit includes love and some firm, over-the-knee discipline in a sweet, funny, love story that is both charming, sexy and timely as more LBGT couples tie the knot.goodreads

 I have to admit right away, the reason why I wanted to read this story was because you hear all the stories about the “Bridezillas” and I thought to myself, there’s no way that a groom could be that bad.

That was until I met Aaron.  And yes, he totally deserves the title of Groomzilla!

I loved how this was a short, quick, but fun read. There were the sexy-time scenes, and the discipline scenes.  Both of which I felt were very balanced out because honestly, Aaron did need the discipline to help calm him down.  I did really enjoy how you could tell the love that Peter had for Aaron, and vise versa.  That made the story that much better.

Now, the reason why I’m rating this the way that I am.  I wish that the author would have added more about how Aaron and Peter ended up together.  Aaron goes from being a straight married man, to a straight divorced man, to being with Peter.  There was no real information given about when they first got together, minus the going out to dinner and how their relationship got more in depth.  But I was left wondering when Aaron realized that he was attracted to a man, and how he handled that.  I just personally felt like that part being added, would have helped to explain away quite a few questions that I had.

Overall though, I did enjoy this story and I will be sure to read more from this author in the future!


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