Saving Her Destiny (The Mythicals #1) by Candice Gilmer

Wow! This book was a fantastic read! I have never read a book about a banshee before, so I was not sure what to expect. But, this one exceeded my expectations!

Cara is part banshee and part marrow. Each banshee is tied to a certain family or place and Cara is tied to the Palace. When someone from the Royal Palace is about to die, she releases her scream to let everyone know. Her friend, Duncan, is a fairy who saved her from a fishing net long ago. Ever since then, they have remained close friends.  Cara disappears and Duncan is called in to search for her. This transitions their friendship into a lot more.

I can’t really summarize the story more without giving away too many details. One of my favorite things about this genre is the detailed story-telling and the author did not hold back in this book. I absolutely LOVE the world she crafted and the characters in it. Banshee, mermaids, fairies, werewolves, and more fill up this world! As for the relationship between Cara and Duncan – all I can say is SWOON! It’s so sweet and tender. I adore friends to lovers stories.

I can’t sing the praises anymore for this story! The only question I have is “when is the next one coming out?”