Room 1024 by Racheline Maltese & Erin McRae

This quick little novella is a first for me by both of these authors’s and were the writing I found to be fine, the content itself was off, in my opinion. Also despite the suggestive cover, this is a fade story, about two Dom’s and two subs all meeting a convention. And it’s the two Dom’s that doesn’t fit, the one Lou, used to be the Dom of now a Dom himself Cam. But in all the years Cam and Lou have been apart Cam has never gotten over his feelings for Lou. And this has been tainting his relationship with his sub Noah. Lou on the other hand has moved on and found a perfect sub and is very happy.

See that whole dynamic just didn’t work for me, now I have to add, I’ve never personally been in a D/s relationship but in reading my fair share they all have the same common theme, once a sub always a sub. And yes, I’ve read were two Dom’s will sleep together but they are still Dom’s. So this whole I’m a sub then wham I’m a Dom just didn’t work. And if Cam was truly a Dom he should have been ‘in tuned’ to the hurt he was causing his sub. I did however, like the fact that he felt it was the lack of closure he got from his split with Lou and once he got that all would be fine. I’m just not buying it.