Remind Me (Chasing Fire #1) by Ann Marie Walker &Amy K. Rogers

A forbidden romance and second chance love story? I could not pass this one up!

Allie is an heiress and therefore hasn’t been free to love who she chose. After 10 years, Hudson comes back into her life. The boy from “the wrong side of the tracks” is back, but now he’s a man. All man, if you catch my meaning! But once again Allie is torn between what is expected of her and where her heart wants to go…which way will she go?

Ok, so forbidden romance I get, but what I really had a hard time wrapping my mind around was the fact that sure – once upon a time Hudson was the wrong kind of kid for Allie, but now he’s a self-made billioinaire. What family would have a problem with THAT? Plus, if he’s got all of this money then why would Allie need to worry? Oy! Even with these initial questions, the story worked for me.

This book is jam-packed full of drama and sex, so you really can’t go wrong there. I mean, any kind of sex you can imagine is in this book. Wall sex. Cabin sex. Motorcycle sex. Symphony sex. I’ll never look at the symphony the same way again is all I’m sayin’.

Anyway, Allie is at a crossroads in this book and to see her character work out all of the turmoil is interesting. The way the author put the story together made it really readable, and made you have sympathy for characters that I don’t think are the kind of people that usually garner a lot of sympathy. So, kudos for that! Hudson is the bomb, too, so if you’re in the mood for a killer hero then you need to pick up this book!

Be warned, this is a cliffhanger, so you’re going to have to hold out for book two. But, I still think it’s a story well worth picking up. Great story with interesting characters and well-written – it’s hits the romance trifecta. 4 stars.