Portal to Logres (The Chronicles of Logres) by Philip Ambrose

Toby and Marcus are two college students in 1970s Camford, England who have for some time admired one another from afar. The two come from different economic backgrounds and both assume the other is heterosexual and with it being the 1970s neither is comfortable with publicly revealing their sexual desires so they both sit back admiring one another, secretly dreaming of stolen moments of passion.

While the two lustfully daydream some strange things begin to take place around them. They’ve both encountered an odd phenomenon in the environment that has them questioning what is going on. There has been a strange smell of ozone in the air followed by the hum of an odd electrical charge and a swirling gas cloud. Peculiar beings with odd accents have been asking around for both of them. They’re not sure what is going on but things go from strange to scary after their Tudor history mentor, Professor Holofernes well known for his popular fantasy book series about a Kingdom called Logres, invites the two young men along with Marcus’s two best friends Jerry and Tessa to his home to help him go through some historical documents.

The students quickly realize that something is afoot and they start to suspect that Professor Holofernes fantasy Kingdom of Logres isn’t actually a fantasy but a realistic place in a parallel universe. When something evil comes through a portal and attacks the students their suspicions are not only confirmed but also become their new strange reality. Toby and Marcus now must travel to the parallel universe to save their friends Jerry and Tess who have been taken by the evil beings. In Logres the two while try to discover their true origins and find out more about a prophecy that claims the two are important to the Kingdom. One of them is meant to become King and the other the King’s trusted knight. The two don’t know whom they can trust in this strange land so they cling to one another and give into their lustful urges creating a bond built on love and fate.

Portal to Logres is an epic fantasy where Middle Earth and meets Westeros. There’s a great deal of detail and world building in part one. There are a host of characters we meet along Toby and Marcus’s journey into Logres each one interesting and captivating. The plot thickens with the introduction of each new character and more information is revealed adding to the mystery of the mystical land. Everyone seems to have a secret they are holding close to their heart and a secret about the prophecy they are keeping from Toby and Marcus. The imagery is dreamy, the storyline imaginative and the writing is superb. A male on male romance within a fantastical world that brings you back in time to darker tales where magic and warriors wielding swords reigned.