Love Me Tomorrow by Ethan Day

This is another one those authors I’ve been meaning to read but never have, so when his book came up I jumped. And I’m so glad I did. What an amazing word smith Mr. Day is! The insta chemistry between these two, Jake and Levi are amazing. But since Jake is in a committed relationship (see how I didn’t say loving) they do not acted on it. But the under current and of course the friendship that they build over the weeks and months is wonderful. Until it finally comes to a head and everyone sorts everything out. The secondary cast plays just as an important role and are just as fantastic. The crazy but loving mother of Levi, the standoffish parents of Jake, the sister that just wants to please everyone and of course Levi’s assistances Angelo and Valerie. And I simply love the detailed description of all the history of not only the buildings but the area in general. But my absolute favorite part has to be the movie scene. So classic! And I will be looking every time I go to the movies.   Even though these two don’t get the HEA until the very end of the book, we do get an Epilogue that wraps everything up nicely so it doesn’t feel rushed or incomplete. I will be adding Mr. Day to my MUST buy list and looking up his back list asap.