I’m The Guy You Hate by Isa K.

I'm The Guy You Hate Thirty-eight year old Jonny Ordell is hopelessly in love with his friend Mark Dorsett. There’s just one small problem: Mark Dorsett is insane.

Not a charming, cute, surprisingly insightful kind of insane. The kind of mental illness that rips apart Jonny’s insides and turns otherwise good people into villains. It isn’t Mark’s fault. It’s not like he asked to be sick. At the same time Mark’s erratic behavior and his refusal to get help is destroying everything in his path, including Jonny.

Now Jonny must decide: does he stand by his man and hope loyalty and love are enough to make Mark realize the error of his ways? Or does he abandon Mark to his illness and save himself? Neither choice offers much hope of happiness. As their affair continues Jonny must confront the possibility that his love is not healing Mark, it may actually be making him worse.


What was that? It’s been a long time since I finished a book and looked at the end and said just wow, what the heck….. Still days later, sitting here trying to write this review with my nook open to the book to reference back I’m still a little confused. So I’ve poured myself scotch and I’m diving in, Hope Mark and Jonathan will understand?

So obviously this is my first and probably last book by this author, sorry. Its Jonathan speaking to us most of the time (I think) and it’s his life, friendship, love, sex, career and pain we see firsthand. Mark is his best friend and the only person that treats Jonny like a person. Even though Jonny doesn’t always treat Mark the way he should be treated, if ever. This gets explained off as Jonny being sick, but to me it’s boarding on an almost mentally abusive relationship at worst and best very unhealthy. And yet Mark keeps taking it? We never really get confirmation that Jonny is ill, he may just by a class one A** hole? I understand now (not before) that this is not a romance so I kept expecting a connection of some type between these two when none came I felt disappointed. They have such a strong history, I wanted to feel something, a spark something, nope, just sex between strangers almost. I did like the ‘Dear Fairy Gaymother’ letters that was a cute touch. I also liked how Marks friends always rallied around Mark but overall I found too many issues for the characters themselves to really enjoy this story.


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