Hard Ride #1: A Novel in Three Parts (Ready to Ride) by Opal Carew

 As I have read books two and three in the Ready to Ride series as well as other books of Ms. Carew’s, I was actually surprised by Hard Ride #1. Pleasantly surprised. I am accustomed to her books being full of sex (not a complaint) and on the light side of a storyline (again not a complaint), which makes her books one of my not-so-guilty pleasures because I enjoy them so much. However, with this installment of Hard Ride, Ms. Carew has introduced a more significant storyline than I’m used to and I cannot wait to see where she takes it.

Without giving away too much, Liv seems to be a magnet for trouble and her life is further complicated by a serious family issue she is dealing with – one which she seems to be bearing the burden of solely. Finding herself in an unexpected situation where she has to be rescued from a group of bikers by another biker, Liv understandably freaks out…until she realizes that she knows her rescuer from college. When their paths cross yet again, Liv swallows her pride and asks for his help. I was torn between being shocked by Shock’s conditions for helping her yet not surprised – this is an Opal Carew book after all. I had to remind myself more than once that Shock was unaware of why Liv needed his help and that what he was asking for wasn’t unheard of in the land of fiction, especially within the world of Ready to Ride. Not to mention it made for one seriously funny contract negotiation scene. At least it was funny until later in the book when we learn about an incident in college that Liv had to deal with. While the extremely limited number of sexual encounters was surprising (and HOT!), Ms. Carew’s penchant for a cliffhanger ending in her serial releases was not. Bring on Part Two because I’m ready to ride!



This is an intense and HOT story featuring a lot of my favorites – a sexy alpha biker, friends to lovers troupe, and lots of HOT sex! Really, there isn’t much to not like about this story.

Liv and Shock have a past from college. She goes to meet up with her sister’s ex at a seedy biker bar and ends up alone, except for the unwanted attention from a group of lewd bikers up to no good. Shock notices a woman alone and recognizes her from college. He swoops in to save her and their arrangement begins.

Liv seems to be a magnet for trouble. How many predicaments can one woman get into? But, the sexy Shock is there to save the day with his intense attraction to the beautiful Liv. I really enjoyed this first installment of the three part series and can’t wait to see where the rest head. I can only imagine the sex getting hotter!