For a Rainy Afternoon (Tales of the Curious Cookbook) by R.J. Scott

For a Rainy Afternoon Robbie MacIntyre manages a small post office in the old Station House on the outskirts of sleepy Barton Hartshourn northwest of London. He’s stunned when the owner, Maggie, a close friend, bequeaths him not only the post office, but also Station House.

The rest of her estate is left to an American writer, Jason Young, and when he moves to the village, Robbie is thrown by the attraction he has for the man who has more of a claim on the Station House than he does.

Then there is a box that holds several rare first editions and a cookbook. Only when the secrets of the ingredients in a particular recipe are finally revealed does everything begin to make sense, and a love cut short seventy years earlier is finally discovered.


 A quick novella is perfect for a rainy afternoon right before a nap. It’s a sweet tale about match making from the grave. We’ve got Maggie, who passed away but before she did she befriended a lost soul Robbie and left him her shop. But the cottage she left to her distant relative Jason.  Jason lives in NYC, works at a job he hates so he decides to pack up and move to England and write a book involving the history of that area. While living in the cottage. Once Jason and Robbie meet the chemistry is instant. String of bad luck has Jason living with Robbie and they fall into an easy life together, one I could see them living. The author does a good job painting a daily picture of a routine for these two. The one thing I would have liked was a little more back story, on the actually main MC, we got the distant stories of the Great grand’s but very vague on Robbie and Jason.

Robbie and Jason are thrown together after Maggie’s death. One was her dear friend and co-worker. The other is her long lost relative from America. She match makes from the grave, leaving them each something precious to her in her will. Their story is a sweet one, especially when Maggie’s backstory of her lost love comes out.  It’s not a fast and intense attraction, but a slow, sweet, full of passion love story.

There are wonderful recipes and mentions of food throughout this short tale. This is the kind of book that warms the heart and soul and makes the reader feel good after it’s all over. I wish more was focused on Robbie and Jason, but I enjoyed the first installment of the Tales from the Curious Cookbook series.


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