Eye of Wolf and Tales of the Werebear Complete Collection by Skye Eagleday

This is a collection of short stories centered on one character, Geir, most of the time. He isn’t a very likeable character: he is dominant, kind of grumpy, and has a very strong sex drive! He makes his way through different weres taking what he can get and then walking away. There are even a few orgies between the weres – scenes that were pretty yummy! There is a lot of rough sex, but that’s something that isn’t a surprise in a were story. I enjoyed the animalistic side of the men and how they did not have any inhibitions when it came to sex.

Normally, changing POVs bother me. But, it worked really well because of the different short stories and different characters within each one.  Overall, this is a really good collection of stories for the m/m were book lover.