Eventide (The Sepherene Chronicles #1) by Daniel Beazley

Sepherene is a Fallen Angel seeking redemption and Lucius is a human with a difficult past. Together the two must work as one to accomplish a dangerous mission. The catch, Sepherene must inhabit Lucius body in order to fight against a number of deadly foes. Using his body and her heavenly powers they must hunt down and destroy Serephene’s brethren of Fallen Angels who have been living amongst humankind as Gods. In a world where the lines between good and bad are blurred Lucius must not let his fear bring about uncertainty and Sepherene must work past her questions regarding the righteousness of her mission.

Will the two be able to defeat the dark forces they have been tasked to remove? Will Sepherene earn her redemption and at what cost? Will her brother became the darkest foe she must face? Will Lucius be able to find the light inside of him to push away the dark past filling him with dread and fear?

I’m not usually one to read a fantasy book series with religious mythology as a distinct part of the storyline but the way Beazley combines Sci-fi themes and religious mythology it creates an interesting and compelling storyline. The fact that there are space ships and Angels in the same storyline is reason enough to read this book. Those two things don’t seem to belong together but Beazley finds a way to make it happen while having you contemplating philosophical questions regarding the lines of morality.

It’s a gritty and detailed look at a story of redemption and a tale of moving past adversity without losing ones sense of self. The action scenes are written with attention to imagery and Sepherene is pretty epic when she fights. Lucius is comical with the way he entertainingly handles his mental passenger. The world created by Beazley is fascinating, the storyline concept unique and the writing descriptive.

Eventide is a quick story with a mix of Fantasy and Sci-Fi. Lucius’ body is inhabited by an angel named Sepherene.  She uses his body to fight the fallen angels in an effort to redeem herself and be welcomed back into her world. Not much is revealed about Lucius except he has a sordid past filled with addiction and depression.

Filled action, Eventide is different from a lot of other angel centric books that I have read. I really enjoyed the push/pull between Sepherene and Lucius. The details were amazing, as was the writing. If you like a simple, yet descriptive, Sci-Fi book then you will enjoy this one.