Compulsion (Max Revere Novels #2) by Allison Brennan

Maxine “Max” Revere is an investigative reporter who is covering the murder trial of serial killer Adam Bachman. After an exclusive interview with the killer, her and her assistant are in danger as she learns more about the past of Adam Bachman.

Max is a cut throat woman who does not put up with any crap. She comes across as impulsive and self-centered which makes her good at her job. It doesn’t help with her personal life and only pushes everyone away with her brash personality. While there were romantic elements (a love triangle), it was not the focus of the story.

Some of the story was a little gruesome and graphic in detail. But, the suspenseful plot points make it easy to want to continue and not put the book down. As the second book in a series, it read well as a stand-alone and did not leave me confused and wanting more back story. Overall, it’s a good suspenseful story with a lot of detail.