Cold Truth (Delarosa Secrets #3) by T.A. Chase

cold truth

When the truth comes out, Victor and Bieito must decide how strong their love really is.

Victor Delarosa has been the head of the Delarosa cartel for most of his adult life and Bieito Perez has been there by his side the entire way. Yet Victor has secrets he’s kept hidden, even from his long-time lover, and when those secrets show up on Victor’s doorstep, he struggles to find a way to explain while hoping he won’t lose Bieito.

Being Victor Delarosa’s right hand man and his lover is difficult at times for Bieito Perez, but he wouldn’t have his life any other way. Until the day he realizes Victor’s been keeping secrets and he has to re-evaluate their relationship.

Between dealing with a rival cartel, law enforcement, and everything else being a drug lord requires, Victor and Bieito need to redefine their lives and find the courage to say the word ‘love’ out loud before it’s too late for anything other than good-bye.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16

This one was harder to read because it’s about Victor and Bieito, the men as well as the Drug Lord and right hand man. Even though the book mainly focus on Victor, the man. you never forget that other side so it’s hard to feel sorry for him, for what he is going through. Except maybe good, one more Lord off the street. However, I do have to add the author does a great job not just in this book, but in the previous ones setting ground work, that leads us to believe that maybe Victor is starting to feel, it’s time, that he wants more, and he want’s it with his long time lover, Bieito. I did like the introduction of a son, and how that could have rocked the foundation of this relationship. But I still found the overall story predictable it still was entertaining, and the ending has left us with enough opening that we could have another one?

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