Bring Me Home (Home is Where the Heat Is #1) by Candi Wall

Bring Me Home He’s determined to change her mind…through her head, through her bed and through her heart.

Home is Where the Heat Is, Book 1

Miya Jackson always believed life had more to offer outside Dead End, Texas. So when circumstances turned her life upside down, she took her chance to break free. A few years—and some brutal doses of reality—later, her little sister’s wedding brings her back to the hometown she left behind.

The last place she expects to end up is in the arms of the man she’s tried and failed to forget. One scalding, passionate night is all it takes to make her rethink her damn good reasons for leaving.

Shawn Dalton always hoped this day would come. Hell, he and Miya have a history, and any misunderstandings can be fixed if she’ll only stay in one spot long enough. Now that’s she’s back, he’s determined to make her see that she belongs in Dead End. With him.

Her obstinate nature is intact, but he can deal with that. It’s the cold, detached woman she’s become that worries him. Melting that wall—and reminding Miya of her roots—is going to take every hot, sinful moment he can wrangle.

Warning: Cowboy up has never had so many meanings. This cowboy is hell-bent on rekindling a lost love…even if he has to fight dirtygoodreads

 Bring Me Home was a quick read that combined just the right amount of romance, misunderstanding, and steamy passion that had me devouring it in less than two hours. When Miya goes home for her sister’s wedding, she finds that time and distance were not enough to help her move on from her high school sweetheart’s betrayal. Seeing Shawn again reopens all her old wounds as she realizes that she still wants him regardless of what he did. What Miya doesn’t know is that Shawn has never stopped loving her and he plans to spend the next few days convincing her of the truth and that they can still have a future together.

Ms. Wall did a nice job of establishing Miya and Shawn’s solid past with quick conversations here and memories there. This helped to make the speed at which Shawn pushed for their reconciliation seem reasonable, especially considering the time constraint he was under. I’d like to say that Miya was unnecessarily hardheaded in regards to the misunderstanding that led to their separation, but I’m not sure that I would have reacted any differently. Everything about that scene screamed betrayal and I can’t say she was wrong in not giving him a chance to lie to her. Despite the years that have passed, Miya finds that her attraction to Shawn is as strong as when they were together and decides to partake of a no-strings-attached emotion-free weekend of sex. Shawn accepts her terms with no intention of keeping emotions out of the arrangement because he sees it as his chance to remind her of how good they were together and show her that he still loves her. The sex scenes were hot and Shawn succeeded in proving his point. But when Miya drops a bomb on Shawn, it’s up to her to fight for him once she decides that Dead End, Texas is meant to be her last stop. Bring Me Home was an enjoyable read that got the Home is Where the Heat Is series off to a good start. I’m looking forward to reading Chloe and Nick’s story in the next book, Lead Me Home.


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