Blood Ties (The Vanderguard Vampires #1) by Lavinia Lewis

blood ties

Vampire prince Thomas Vanderguard’s consort was killed by a soulless vampire drone over two hundred years ago. Now that Thomas has finally found love again, can he keep Daniel safe, or is history about to repeat itself?

Vampire prince Thomas Vanderguard has been alone for over two hundred years—ever since the death blow that killed his companion, Jacob. For centuries, Drones have sought to eradicate his family’s royal lineage so that a rival family may seize the throne and gain control of their territory. But Thomas’ self-imposed solitude comes to an end when Daniel Alexander walks into his life. After several months of refusal, Thomas finally gives in to Daniel’s request to change him into a vampire, even though he fears Daniel will meet the same fate as Jacob.

With a possible eternity of happiness stretching out in front of them, can Thomas keep his lover safe or is history about to repeat itself?

Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence as part of a trilogy.

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously published elsewhere. It has been revised and re-edited for release with Totally Bound.


What a great start to a series, I really enjoyed several things about this book and a couple of things I really didn’t like. One thing that was sort of new to me was we started with a few pages from the end of the book, and then we went back a year and got the back story of Thomas and Daniel. At first I liked this, then I got worried, as the story continued and pages kept going by that the end would be rushed. But actually it all fix nicely together. How we got the story of the family, the feud and the lost love of Thomas. Before we even get into the love interest of Daniel but once Thomas and Daniel met, he tried to fight it. But the powers are against him and sometimes true love is too hard to fight. I enjoyed how Daniel quickly figured out what Thomas was about, and instead of just walking away fought for what he felt was right and true. As the fighting is a main focal point, I have to say, I did enjoy it, how it’s detailed but not overly gory also the fact that both sides lose key people. Even though I’m not a fan of secondary characters death in books, I can see how this one was instrumental in bringing about the end or what we think is the end. Which leads me to my other point I really don’t like, we are left with a pretty big cliffy. I’ve no idea when the next one is coming out, hope I remember to watch out for it.

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