Blood Bound (Marko Delacroix #2) by Alaska Angelini 1

blood bound It was supposed to be easy—Tessa was meant to be my prey. In the end, she almost killed us both.

Forever tied to a slave I don’t want, the small piece of humanity buried deep inside clings to the hope of loving her. Outside forces have other plans for our future, and Hunter is determined to make her his, but I’m ready to fight to keep what is mine.

Fate, on the other hand, has its own agenda.

Can I accept our bond and overpower the monster within? Will the plans being conspired take Tessa away from me? Or will my vampire prove blood is thicker than desire?

Nothing is for certain, and in a world where greed and power rule, Tessa may show she has what it takes to betray us all.goodreads

 If you haven’t read Prey, the first book in this series, stop now before you read any further. Blood Bound starts right off where Prey ends. Tessa is now Marko’s unwilling blood slave. She’s been bound to him without her permission and now she’s stuck in a life she fears with a man she loathes yet lusts after.

Tessa and Marko are the poster couple (if you can call them that) for dysfunctional relationships and I’m not sure either of them truly understands what it means to love someone. They both understand what it means to obsess, lust and dominate but love. Love seems to be a concept to them that is built in confusion and a need to maintain control and obtain power.

Marko’s power changes have turned him into an even darker being than he was before he took Tessa as his slave. His desire to possess Tessa has become an obsession of anger and darkness. He doesn’t want her yet he needs to own her. He’s a stalker with murderous intent. The two hold so much contempt for one another it’s a bit cringe worthy when they do show signs of caring for one another. Marko spends most of the time putting Tessa through physical, emotional and psychological pain. Tessa despite this continues to care for him hoping she can change him for the better but the more she learns through her connection to him the more she understands that Marko wasn’t a good man when he was a human and he may never be a good man as a vampire.

Her only hope for escaping from Marko and exacting revenge upon him is to become the concubine of another the Dark Prince and risk becoming the very thing she detests and fears, a dark vampire. There are so many twists and turns in the story that it makes for an impactful read. I don’t like most of the characters. They all seem to be abusive and selfish. The only one who I feel for is Marie. Poor, Marie has really tried to do right and had her heart handed to her numerous times over. However, even though I find the choices the characters make appalling and I think Marko is the biggest jerk ever, I like the story.

It’s twisted, dark and full of force. It’s akin to turning on the weather channel and watching a natural disaster take place. You feel offended and emotionally shocked in a negative way by the damage but you’re glued to the TV watching every second and you can’t turn away. That’s how I feel about Tessa and Marko, a natural disaster causing an immense about of substantial damage and destruction but I can’t help watching it all go down. I’m not sure there is a happy ending to be had in this series but I can imagine things are going to get even more intense and there will be more blood shed, lives lost and hearts torn to pieces.

Book two in the Marko Delacroix Series, Blood Bound is an intense story that starts where Prey left off and continues the story of Marko and Tessa. Completely full of twists and turns, Marko and Tessa try to settle into their new lives as Master and Slave along with all the problems that come with it. There are so many layers to each character that kept me enthralled and interested. While Marko is changing while coming into his powers, he become cruel and monstrous. Tessa knows “her Marko” is still inside and clings to the hope that she can make him reappear. Some of the scenes are intense between the two. But, WOW! They sure are HOT!

I was blown away by the twists and turns within this story. There is a lot of action and a lot of sex that keeps the character of Marko likable. At times I wanted to throw my kindle across the room because I got so emotionally invested in the story….LOVE when that happens!  I’m really glad that I read this book and can’t wait for more between these two characters.



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