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Dani Wade astonished her local librarians as a teenager when she carried home 10 books every week – and actually read them all. Now she writes her own characters who clamor for attention in the midst of the chaos that is her life. Residing in the southern U.S. with a husband, two kids, two dogs, and one grumpy cat, she stays busy until she can closet herself away with her characters once more.

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What was your inspiration for this book and the main characters?


As authors, we get asked all the time where our ideas come from and are they based on real things or people in our own lives. In the case of my release, Beneath the Surface, the answer is yes.

In an ordinary world, identical twins can seem mysterious—these rare Doppelgangers who’ve been bonded together since before birth. Two halves of a whole. But to me—there’s little that’s mysterious about twins, because I am one. It’s the natural order of my world, an every day occurrence. You see, I have an identical twin sister—author Ella Sheridan (www.ellasheridanauthor.com). We’ve grown up together, both married, both had children, both become authors. Oh, we do have the same college degree, both have an eldest daughter and youngest son, and almost all the same health issues…okay, maybe a little like looking at yourself in a mirror. Between the physical and life similarities, we are definitely two sides of a whole.


But it all seems perfectly normal, until those few occasions where the out of the ordinary occurred. You see, Ella and I do have a certain type of Twin ESP. We never created out own language, but we do know what each other is thinking. But any long time married couple can do that! No, sometimes things go a little bit deeper…

The first time I vividly remember anything out of the ordinary was in our early teens. Ella went in for a medical procedure that required contrast dye and had an allergic reaction to it. I sat unknowing in the waiting room, completely oblivious—then I started to shake. It was summertime. I wasn’t cold. Not until later did I find out she had been shaking too.

There’ve been times the “incidents” have been stronger than others. As we grow older, we sometimes know when the other person is sick or sad. Ella suffers the worst of it, often taking on my symptoms if they are too severe or linger for a long time. We will both get the blues, if only one of us gets depressed.


The most intense occurrence was a time when Ella was coming out of anesthesia—one touch and I thought I’d pass out. The nurse simply asked, “Are you two twins?” and led me to a chair. She never seemed surprised, and she wouldn’t let me touch Ella again until she was fully awake.

Over time, the idea of this psychic connection grew until it became a story in my writer’s mind (as most notions often do). My characters connect psychically through dreams—something I’ve never experienced, but I understand how it would feel. I can most relate to Emma’s insistence that she would know if her sister were dead. Ella and I may not “connect” constantly, but I would know if something happened to her.


I simply would.


So I hope you can enjoy my “twin” book! And feel free to share with us any psychic connections you’ve ever experienced, or just a special bond you have with a sibling!

SnowBound1400 The last thing Damon West wants is a trip to his bookish neighbor’s house in the midst of the worst snowstorm Cadence, TN, has seen in a decade. Still, his military instincts warn him that Miss Priss could use a little help. His arrival is met with an attack by an unknown assailant and the sight of Miss Priss in a sexy wisp of nothing-much, confidently wielding a double-barreled shotgun.

Tori Anderson carefully portrays herself as a responsible bookstore owner and capable young woman to anyone willing to look twice. But two men grappling in her backyard called for speed more than decorum. That’s how the guy she’d been secretly lusting after since he’d bought the house next door sees her in a silky robe and panties—with nothing in between. Damon’s sudden interest thrills her, but she can’t help worrying about the unknown threat scared off by her shotgun blast.

Trapped in her house, snow blocking the roads and no way to reach the outside world, Tori finally has the chance to indulge her wildest fantasies. But she isn’t sure which is more daunting—the abusive boyfriend back to punish her for helping convict him of murder or her desire to have more than one night with the town’s most unavailable bachelor.

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Street Cafe At NightToo many secrets…

Hidden in a quiet town along the Tennessee border, a secret gathering exists where the privileged fulfill their darkest desires. One of their members initiates a desperate act designed to bring home his lifelong obsession: Emma Hartwell.

A past not forgotten…

Drawn back to her hometown by the psychic connection with her twin sister, Emma must fight the stubborn silence of those around her in her quest to find her missing sister. Colin McIntyre hopes to make up for his past mistakes with Emma by helping her, but his own ties to the Gathering might be exposed along the way.

Time is running out…

Exposure could be dangerous for his family, along with himself and Emma. Can they fight the secrets and lies to rescue Emma’s sister… and their own chance at life-long love?

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One minute Colin was topping off a patron’s beer, the next he felt like he’d been poleaxed. His body wasn’t ready for another dose of stylish curves and quiet sensuality. His close brush earlier that morning with all that class and restraint had assured him Emma Hartwell was back in town.

The last time he’d seen her, at a distance when she’d come to town for her father’s funeral years before, he’d been impressed by her poise and obvious success. Their up-close encounter this morning at the courthouse told him her adult self was more closed off than he’d ever seen her.

She’d turned away from him without a word. Of course, he hadn’t forgiven himself for what he’d done, so why should she? He’d made an idiot’s decision as a jealous teenager, walking out and leaving her in an extremely vulnerable position because he’d thought she wanted to be there. The guilt and fear of what could have happened to her before he returned still ate at him. He’d never been able to quiet the terrifying thought that she could have been forced to do something she didn’t want to do, something he hadn’t wanted her to do.

Why was Emma in town, or in Bailey’s, for that matter? It had to be important for her to set aside the angry heat radiating from her earlier today. She glanced around, forcing him to imagine how the bar must look from her point of view. To his knowledge she’d never set foot in here. Being underage didn’t stop a lot of other kids from coming in for appetizers and shakes—and the occasional attempt to buy alcohol, as if he didn’t know exactly how old they were.

But Emma had never tried it, never hung out with the crowd that would spend afternoons wasting their time in the back booths until their parents insisted they come home for dinner. Unlike Amy.

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