Anything For a Cowboy (Weston Ridge) by Jenna Bayley-Burke

Anything For a Cowboy  Her plan was for them to fall in bed, not in love.

A Story

When veterinarian Jacy Weston changes her location on her western dating website profile, she thinks it’s no big deal. Opal Creek…Myrtle Creek…what’s the difference? As little white lies go, this one barely qualifies. Besides, since her brothers have chased off every guy within a hundred miles, the expiration date on her virginity is way past due.

Ray Mitchell is not inclined to waste his time on something as unnecessary as dating, but it’s much easier to take a woman to coffee than to explain to his mother why he’s in no hurry to get married again. Despite’s promises, he doubts he’ll find any woman willing to find herself stuck on a remote ranch raising rodeo stock.

But Jacy is different. She isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. Or to get down and dirty. Ray’s thinking he’s found the one, until the truth comes out…and he realizes the divorcee from the next county he’s been dating doesn’t exist.

Warning: Contains a virginal heroine looking for the nearest exit for the horizontal highway to heaven, and a cowboy willing to go the distance for the right woman.goodreads

 Anything for a Cowboy was a fun way to spend a couple of hours. At almost 30 years-old, Jacy has been so focused on school and her career that she is still a virgin. To be fair, her four brothers have had a hand in that as well by running off and warning away nearly every eligible single man in a three-county radius. So what’s a socially awkward woman to do in order to turn in her v-card without her brothers interfering…again? Like any young busy career woman, Jacy joins an online dating site in an effort to meet guys. The catch – which I loved – is that is an online dating site for people who are divorced or widowed. Clearly Jacy is neither of these, but she’s not going to let a little white lie stop her from meeting a man who she’s willing to spend a few hours with and get that itch scratched once and for all. And Ray Mitchell seems to be just the cowboy to do that, until Jacy spends some time with him, gets to know him, and realizes that she might want more than just one night with him.


I have to say that I loved the novelty of the dating site. As we learned about Jacy during the conversation with her best friend at the beginning of the book, I understood why she was using that particular site and why she was willing to “fib” about certain personal details. Considering her initial reason behind joining the site, I felt her reasons were justified. Unfortunately, Ray’s past made lying a deal breaker for him. While I understood why he didn’t like liars once the information about his ex-wife came to light, I felt that he was too unbending in his reaction when he discovered Jacy’s duplicity. Yet it was realistic in its extreme and forced Jacy to prove to Ray how much he had come to mean to her. I found their “flirting” endearing and enjoyed how they complemented one another so well. What Jacy saw as her flaws and social ineptitude, Ray saw as honest reactions and just the kind of down-to-earth woman he wasn’t looking for, but was happy to find. I suspect this is why he was so infuriated by her lies. I LOVED the final line of Anything for a Cowboy and hope that Ms. Bayley-Burke plans to write more about the Weston crew.


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