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Twice Cut

Part of writing is cutting the parts of the book that you may like but don’t serve the plot or pace of the story. As a book, Training Complex, the sequel to 2013’s Training Season, contains a lot of sex, but at one time it contained even more. In fact, four sex scenes were cut from the final book and I will be sharing them on various blogs over the next couple of months.
This scene was actually written for Training Season back in 2013 but was cut from that book for various reasons. I loved it so much, though, that I tried to work it into Training Complex. I made editorial changes to the setting and the situation, but, for the most part, it’s the same scene. I probably spent six hours reworking this, though, and so it hurt a little when once again it ended up on the cutting room floor.

But I present it to you now in hopes that you may enjoy it just a little and get a taste of some of what might be offered in Training Complex itself.

Matty lay face down on the bed. The cock cage was painful. His dick had grown relentlessly harder inside the contraption to the point that his flesh ached and he thought if Rob didn’t offer to take it off soon, he might cry. At the same time, he wasn’t ready for it to be over. He wanted to prove to Rob that he wasn’t going to let anything, not an eating disorder, not chastity, beat him, even if he had to wear the cage for the whole vacation.

“Comfortable?” Rob asked as he made some final adjustments to Matty’s bonds, checking the tension where Matty’s wrists were tied to his ankles, and shoving several pillows under Matty’s torso.

“Yeah.” No. “I’m good.” He shifted anxiously, testing the ties himself, waiting to find out how Rob intended to start the scene.

“Sweetheart, you are always good.” Rob kissed his shoulder and his nape, brushing a hand down Matty’s spine to swipe a finger over his hole. “Now, let me just….”

Anticipation was giddy-making as Rob moved down and spread Matty’s ass cheeks.

“Oh, God, oh, fuck,” Matty murmured, and then moaned when Rob fucked his asshole with his tongue, driving the slick muscle at Matty’s sensitive pucker. The understanding of just how alone they were and the always overwhelming sensation of having Rob’s mouth on his hole made him louder than he’d dared to be since Montana.

Sweat prickled over Matty’s back and forehead as he pushed his ass back for as much as he could get. After long, beautiful minutes of intense pleasure, Rob pulled back, slapping Matty’s fleshy buttcheek. Matty’s saliva-wet ass twitched desperately and he pushed his caged cock in slow circles against the pillows beneath him. Already strung out and ready for anything more, he begged softly, gripped his own ankles and moaned when Rob trailed a finger down his crack.

“Let’s start out with something hard but relatively low-impact. Are you ready?” Rob asked, his voice a dark, patient, lusty thing that made Matty shiver.

“Yes,” Matty answered, simply, naked and tied down, at Rob’s mercy. Just the way he needed to be.

“Lift your head.”

Matty complied, disappointed that a finger in his ass wasn’t the “more” he’d agreed to. The soft, black leather blindfold Rob tied on blocked out the afternoon light completely and swallowed Matty in total darkness. He moved his head back and forth, testing it, but found no glimpse of light . Matty tensed a little, struggling to submit, tempted to fight to see if he could get the blindfold off.

Rob murmured, “Shhhh,” as he massaged Matty’s head, neck, and shoulders, easing the tension away. Matty understood the command behind the hush and relaxed, trusting Rob to take care of him.

Rob straddled Matty’s back, his hard cock and soft balls pressing against Matty’s skin, and kissed his neck, moving to the sweet spot on the side of his throat that made Matty writhe and groan. Rob didn’t let up, rubbing his unshaven face against Matty’s neck and shoulder, kissing and biting as Matty pulled against the restraints. He wanted to hold Rob’s mouth against that very spot, or else he wanted to buck and shove him away.

“Open your lips for me.”

Matty shuddered as his open mouth was invaded by a ball gag. Rob’s fingers pushed it in gently, his mouth still working on Matty’s neck, and his cock and balls dragging in slow, humping lines up Matty’s back. When Matty grunted, the gag pushed against his tongue, and panic rose in his chest.

He could snap his fingers and it would end—the gag would be removed. He tugged at his restraints instead, trying to accept the gag, and breathing in sharp, scared breaths through his nose as Rob tightened the strap around Matty’s head, forcing the gag tight.

“Is it triggering your gag reflex?” Rob asked.

Matty shook his head, surprised that his lashes were wet. He rubbed his face back and forth on the pillow.

“You’re very good at this. Show me how good you can be.” Rob rubbed his hands down Matty’s back.

Matty stopped tugging at the restraints, relaxing his hands into a soft grip around his ankles again, breathing through his nose in small, shuddering inhales and exhales, giving himself over. He shivered. It felt so good to give up, to stop fighting, and let Rob take it all.

“That’s it, sweetheart,” Rob murmured, his mouth close to Matty’s neck, his breath hot and tingling. Matty wanted—Rob’s mouth on his neck, Rob’s cock in his ass, Rob’s hands on his hips pulling him back onto his shaft over and over—God, Matty wanted, but he had to wait. “Such a good slave.”

Rob licked his way down Matty’s body, sucking kisses against his back, arms, and ass. Matty willed Rob to spread his cheeks and eat his hole some more. He begged him in his mind, whimpering and shaking his ass, trying to force Rob into giving it more attention.

Matty groaned in anticipation when Rob put a hand on either side and exposed his hole. What Rob did with his tongue and teeth always made Matty crazy—made him quiver and shake. He went completely still, his heart pounding and his cock throbbing as Rob’s hot breath tickled his asshole. Then Rob’s tongue gently, gently pressed inside. Matty sighed in relief, and then garbled a choked, disappointed sound when Rob abruptly pulled his tongue away. But moments later something lubed and larger than a finger, but not as big as Rob’s cock, was pushing into Matty.

“Good boy,” Rob said, and he kissed Matty’s ass cheek.

Matty waited for something to happen—for Rob to fuck him with whatever was in his ass, or for it to vibrate, or something to take him that much closer to a prostate orgasm, but there was nothing. Rob massaged Matty’s thighs and back, and kissed his way up to Matty’s ear.

“Don’t fight it.” Rob licked Matty’s ear, down his neck, and sucked again at the place that made Matty wild.

God, that’s when he felt it, the pressure against his prostate and the rushing, always-surprising pleasure that consumed him and then ebbed away, only to rush over him again as the device in his ass pressed against his prostate again.

“A new prostate toy,” Rob whispered. “Powered by the movements of your own body.”

Matty moved his hips, and daybreak pleasure swept over him. Shuddering, he moaned against the ball in his mouth. Rob’s mouth on his neck and hard cock moving against Matty’s hip made him squirm. Every movement, every trembling reaction seemed to echo in his ass. Matty blinked against the blindfold, seeing nothing, feeling everything, his mouth full of soft plastic, and his body flooding with a deep pool of want.

“Another surprise, sweetheart,” Rob whispered, and he pressed ear plugs into each ear. His fingers gently working them in. The sounds of the birds outside and Rob’s breathing dulled as the plugs expanded. And then Rob lowered headphones over his ears. White noise played through them and Matty could hear nothing but his heartbeat pounding, his own grunts, and his mouth swallowing around the gag. The bed dipped and flattened again and Matty waited. And waited. The air cooled on his shoulders and back, and he waited for Rob’s touch, for something to happen.

It was as if Rob was gone.

Matty yelled, the gag muffling the noise. White noise filled his ears. He strained again to hear Rob’s footsteps or movements, but there was nothing. Matty’s pulse pounded in his throat as he waited. He waggled his fingers and clenched his toes, trying to elicit anything, something from Rob.

His ass clenched around the toy pushed into it. Sweat slid down his ass crack and his neck, the small trickle of it a momentary distraction from the increasingly intense swells of pleasure from his prostate. He relaxed his body, letting it take hold of him the way he had practiced with Rob’s cock and other toys. The intense stimulation grew and grew until he had to yell to cope with it, and his muscles struggled against the ropes without his volition.

The air conditioner must have kicked on because a cool breeze flowed over his back, and Matty shivered in it. Kicking up another punching-good wave of pleasure that rocked him and left him crying out. As it passed, he held as still as possible, hoping to get a reprieve from the insane-good-oh-fuck-yeah-oh-fuck-too-much of it, but every involuntary movement—each breath, each shift of his muscles, each blink of his eye—seemed connected to the toy in his ass. There was no escape from the mounting waves and the crushing discomfort of his caged cock.

In a brief lull between shaking pleasure, Matty waited for Rob to touch him, until he was forced to give up hope of it, and collapsed completely against the pillow. His hole twitched, convulsed, and shuddered moving the toy against his gland until he rose up again, straining against the ties and yelling around his gag.

Matty flashed to his dream of his prostate being pummeled by Sato’s thick cock and he slowed his breathing, only to be slammed by a huge wave of near-orgasmic sensation that rippled through him in slow motion. “Ahhhhh!” he yelled, saliva dripping down his chin, as he gasped and twisted, gasping. He dug his nails into his ankle with one hand and involuntarily pulling at his restraints with the other as he rode out the spasms of pleasure.

He remembered Rob from that morning. Getting out of the shower, his cock had hung heavy and wet. They’d been in a rush to get here and so he’d done nothing. But now Matty imagined himself falling to his knees and taking Rob’s fat dick into his mouth, licking the head, sucking the precome that welled on top, and….

He tensed and relaxed, turning his face into the pillow. He screamed and held on for dear life as another wave began. He convulsed, feeling it break over him, losing control of his body entirely as he jerked and struggled through it.

And then, before he could catch his breath, it came again. And again. Darkness, sweat, and endless aching goodness threaded through him, and over him, and in him. It broke him and made him cry and whimper. It left him limp and unable to fight it, unable to do anything but ride, ride, ride, and scream. Time was gone, and he was lost in it, focused on breathing through the sweetness that had turned so viciously good.

Swell over swell, his body fought for him even as his mind gave up. His legs and arms tugged, pulling at the rope that bound them together, and his cock oozed until the pillow under him was wet and slippery with his pre-come. Whole body spasms took him over as the glorious pleasure crashed through him.

He had no idea how long he’d been there riding the pleasure. It was forever, and it was terrifying, but Matty abandoned himself to the sensations. When Rob finally ran a hand down his back gently, he had no idea how much time had passed, only that he was in the throes of another full-body spasm, and that he was screaming and pouring jizz from his cock.

The headphones lifted, and Rob removed the earplugs, too. Sound rushed in and filled up space inside him that had been consumed with pleasure, and for a moment he was able to catch his breath, to think of something else, like the sweaty tickle in his ears.

“Okay, sweetheart?”

Matty was definitely far from okay, but he didn’t want to use his safe word. One moment he thought he’d die if it didn’t stop, and the next he was shaking and hoping it never ended because it was agonizingly good. Only Rob’s cock could make it better. from it. He didn’t know what to say, and then he didn’t say anything because he was in the middle of it again, quaking and crying out wildly.

Rob’s hand on Matty’s back steadied him, and once the storm passed he was able to nod that, yes, he was okay.

“Can you handle more?”

Matty froze. He didn’t know if he could make that decision. His body and mind was consumed with what was happening to him already.

“I’ll go on, and you snap if you need to, Matty. Promise me.”

Matty nodded.

The next convulsively good wave began, and Matty was in the middle of trying to cope with it when a stinging, heavy thud slapped down on his back, and he flinched under it. The sensation changed as what felt like hundreds of strands of soft leather smoothed and tickled down his side, and then, God, another prostate orgasm was there again burning him and consuming him whole.

Rob started a pattern, the steady rhythm of the flog hard and hurting, but keeping him grounded, giving him something to count on as the ocean of pleasure tossed him up and down, drowning him and soaking him with saltwater sweat, leaving him snorting in air through his nose, and straining for the body jolt of the next slap of the flog.

“That’s it. So good. Just let it take you. Good boy.”

Matty wanted more than anything to hold Rob’s hand, to feel his fingers entwined with his own, but there was no way to tell him. No way to do anything but brace himself because the body-shaking, mind-numbing wave was coming again.

He breathed in through his nose, and then felt his body let go—jerk, convulse, scream, rock, hump, and then, God, ah, fuck, slam back into himself as the flog came down on his flesh.

Again, again, and again he flew with pleasure, broke in descent, and came back to Rob’s commanding arm. Again and again, until he was nothing but sensation and raw feeling.

“I want you to come,” Rob said. “I want to see your dick spurt for me.”

Matty groaned and shook wildly as Rob unlocked his dick, working the contraption off slowly as his dick immediately swelled and elongated fully. “Yes, that’s gorgeous,” Rob murmured, palming his ass and then touching his cock. Matty felt him moving and shuddered when the tip of Rob’s tongue licked his tender cockhead.

“Now, move against the pillow. I want to see you come.”

Matty had been so focused on holding completely still between waves that he was afraid to rock his hips, afraid that he’d never come back from it, but Rob’s hands guided him to the rhythm. He shook his head hard, feeling sweat fly away and saliva drip from his chin, as he courted the all-engulfing wave coming toward him with each thrust of his hips.

Rob held him to it, and Matty humped at the pillow in a mad, frantic, desperate rush, seeking a regular orgasm before he was swallowed up again by the prostate pleasure that just made him feel too much. And then he was pure sensation, breathtaking and bigger than the sky. Rob was pushing his hips, and his cock was too sensitive and aching, and God, oh fuck.

He struggled to breathe because he couldn’t, and then orgasm was everything, everywhere, exploding and screaming and shaking. His wrists hurt and his ankles pulled, and fuck, fuck, fuck, he was coming and coming, and it was all over him and in him. Rob unhooked his gag and he screamed so loud that his ears hurt as he pumped out his load, lost and completely consumed.

Rob’s removal of the device, and the release of the restraints from his arms and legs all happened in some weird haze where he wasn’t even sure he was awake. When the blindfold came off, Matty didn’t open his eyes, and he didn’t speak. He just turned over onto his back and let Rob hold him, stroke him, kiss his hair, and tell him over and over how wonderful he was.


And cut!

I hope the cut scene was titillating enough for you guys. 🙂 I still love it and wish it could have made it into a book. It just wasn’t meant to be.

And, if you’ve never read Training Season, I’m delighted to tell you that it is on sale for half off for the month of May! Only at Amazon! (



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Figure skater Matty Marcus didn’t capture Olympic gold, but he won rancher Rob Lovely’s heart.

After Rob sold his ranch and Matty hung up his skates, they started a new life together in New York City. Now Matty has taken on a fresh challenge as a figure skating coach, and Rob’s second career as a physical therapist should be everything he’s dreamed of. But in the brutal heat of their third summer in the city, Rob yearns for the wide-open country, and the intensity of city life awakens Matty’s demons.

Matty asks for increasingly intense BDSM scenes, and his disordered eating and erratic behavior ramp up the stakes. Rob struggles to stay in control, and after a well-intentioned anniversary gift goes awry, he still thinks he can handle the fallout. But the concrete jungle is closing in and his coping skills are unraveling.

Their love is deep, but Rob will have to admit the truth about what he really wants before they both tumble into chaos.




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