#Throwback: Texas Rough

This is the second time round reading this book, first was many moons ago when it first came out. And I still very much enjoyed it. Except now I’ve read the whole series, I already know what happens to the characters, it kind of sucks. I kept saying or waiting for certain things to happen, but they were in different books. Which I guess is one of the reasons I try and avoid rereading. I did miss and loved revisiting Lane and Gresh and getting to know there insta love to us, but really a secret love that has been brewing for both of them. This third love that Riley is throwing in, the mess that is Jake and quietness that is Cookie all while running a Ranch. And meeting all the other hands and learning a little about ranching without being over killed with mundane details, this I really liked. I had forgotten what a manipulator Sr. was. And I still don’t believe that he gives over to this relationship of his son so easily? Just doesn’t add up. Guess I’m re-reading book two to find out.