The Witch Princess and the Dark Magician’s Son by Karyna Kellar

After a tragic childhood, Sachin discovers he has magical abilities and goes to Magical School to train. All of the male students are in love with the Princess Larissa, including Sachin. She is there to enhance her own magical abilities because she is the Witch Princess. After a corrupt government plots to go after the princess, the pair join together to fight to save her life.

As Fantasy books go, this one was filled with a lot of detail and adventure. The backstory of Sachin and his parents (particularly his father) was so full of history and explained a lot about Sachin. Larissa is a princess and all of the men fall at her feet for her attention. She doesn’t notice him, but his devotion is sweet and much needed when her life is threatened. I loved that part of the story, even though it wasn’t the full focus of the book.

I won’t give away any more of the story, but if you like a rich plot full of fun imaginary worlds, you’ll really enjoy this book.