The Red Speck by S. Conde 1

The Red Speck is a powerful short story full of inspiration and meaning. What starts out as a suspenseful beginning, it takes on such intense emotions. I had a hard time reading it the first read through because I usually read for fun and entertainment. But, this story is not that kind of tale. Sophie wakes up on a deserted island and meets all kinds of ghosts from her past. Literally. Without giving anything away, it is an adventure that she must take in order to understand herself and her life.

I do believe that this story needs to be read more than once to see all the different meanings layered throughout. But, it will be time well spent.

One thought on “The Red Speck by S. Conde

  • Sandie Menendez Seger

    I was so immersed in the story, all the twists and turns. Had a hard time putting the book down. Sophie is someone we can all relate to in one way or another. It will definitely have an emotional impact on it’s readers ! I loved it so much I read it a second time and loved it even more. I also love the way S. Conde tells the story!

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