The Pig’s Head, Part 1 by Demetri Paul

Some books are read for pleasure and escape. Others are a chore and make me feel like I’m back in high school English. The Pig’s Head is the latter.

Full of symbolism and metaphors, this book reads like a cherished novel. But, I did find it was easy to escape into the action of the story. Kyal is on a mission to spread the word about the revolution. He travels the land and begins to see that his views on the government may not be the right ones. His journey to spread the word about the revolution turns into a journey of realization and growth.

The other characters within the novel are just as interesting as Kyal. But, the journey through the sewers still had a gross factor that I could not get past. Altogether, if you enjoy analyzing your reading and finding more within the story than the actual words, I think you would enjoy this book.