The Last Legend: Glitch Apocalypse by Timothy L. Cerepaka

Dale Bennett’s best friend, Jill Franklin, is a psychic.At least, that’s the only way Dale can explain her apparent premonitions. Whenever they enter a new town, Jill not  only knows where the best weapons and items are sold, but how much they cost and what kind of weapon they need for the inevitable boss battle that always follows. If they are trying to solve a new puzzle no one in their party has run into before, Jill instantly knows how to complete it, and in good time, too.Yet Jill’s apparent psychic powers are put to the test when Dale’s hometown vanishes into thin air without warning, forcing her to reveal the truth: She, Dale, and their friends are characters in a video game, a game Jill has played through so many times that she has memorized everything, from the locations of secret items to helpful glitches that make beating the game so much easier.But now a new glitch has infected the game and Jill doesn’t know what caused it, forcing her, Dale, and the other members of their party to go on a quest to find out what caused this glitch and how to fix it. Yet as the glitch  consumes more and more of their world, it may be too late for Dale and his friends to save everyone and everything they know and love from its destructive reach.

Sometimes you find a book that has the potential to be a fantastic story. The Last Legend – Glitch Apocalypse is that kind of book. Dale is the main character in the story. His hometown vanishes as he and his friends fly over it. The pilot, Jill, is a psychic who did not see the event happening, she is forced to reveal that she is not really psychic at all. They are living in a video game and she has detected the patterns in their lives and learned to anticipate certain events due to those patterns. A Glitch is the reason for the disappearance of Dale’s hometown and now the group must fight their way to safety and defeat the villain.

I don’t want to summarize the story and give too much away. It really is unique and something I haven’t come across before. I will share what worked and did not work for me, as a reader.

The world building and setting are so unique and creative. While I am not a “gamer”, I found the idea of characters living out a game being controlled by a superior being interesting. The story is so full of adventure, conflict, intrigue, and suspense, that I could not help wanting to read more and more. I give the author an A for his creativity.

What did not work for me was the heavy dialogue. I ended up skimming over a lot of it. While I understand that the characters needed to hash out Jill’s secret about not being psychic and their world being controlled by someone else. I feel like a lot of the conversations could have been summarized to keep the actual story flowing.

I really did enjoy the story a lot. With some more editing, it has the potential to be a fantastic read book.


Timothy L. Cerepaka was born in Austin, Texas, although he was raised in the small town of Cherokee Texas, where he was homeschooled by his parents and where he still lives today.
In 2014, Timothy decided to get serious about his dream and began pursuing his
writing career. After founding the independent press known as Annulus
Publishing to publish his work, Timothy published his first book, the epic
fantasy novel titled The Mad Voyage of Prince Malock, in June of 2014,
following it up over the next few months with the next three installments in
his Prince Malock World series of fantasy novels.
Although Timothy reads all types of books in many different genres, his primary
interests are in fantasy and science-fiction, though he enjoys a good mystery
novel every now and then. This is reflected in his major writer influences:
Greg Farshtey, J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, and Rachel Aaron. He also enjoys the Sherlock Holmes books and stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, having read all of them several times each.
Currently, Timothy L. Cerepaka is working on a sequel series to the Prince Malock World series called the Mages of Martir. The first book in the series, titled The Mage’s Grave, is set to be his next release.
You can contact Timothy L. Cerepaka through his website at or via Twitter at @TimothyCerepaka.