The Holiday Hoax by Skylar M. Cates

This is a sweet little romance. Evan has had a bad relationship, which as it turned out was more him thinking he was in one than actually being in one. Thankfully, Christmas is here and he can go home – only he told his parents he was bringing said boyfriend – Tyler. The setup is similar to other books, but I really enjoyed the way the author treated not only Evan and JD, but Evan’s family. I also liked that she didn’t tie everything up in a cute little bow. While I like my fiction more lighthearted, if everything is too perfect, I end up wrinkling my nose. JD’s brother dumped him when JD came out as gay – the day he and Evan met. Shawn never comes around and, as I said, I like that part of realism. Of course, I also love that Evan’s family is half-Jewish and half Christian so they celebrate both holidays and also that they folded JD into their family easily. And the scene where Evan lets loose that JD is JD and not Tyler was simple and quite amusing. I can only imagine his poor mother reeling from it all.

It isn’t a complex story, but still an enjoyable read. Heat up some hot cider, grab a piece of fruitcake and lean back. This is going to be a fun ride.