The Hobbymen by Tim Owens

All myths and stories are born from the truth. At least that is what the three amateur monster biologists believe in this story.  It begins with Sister Lillian being thrown into jail for stealing stale bread. Two men eventually rescue her and they travel and try to study the monsters and myths in the world. During their research, they are told to stop and go home. Of course that is not what they do.

Geoff, Book, and Lillian make an interesting group. One is rich, one is grumpy, and the other is a mess. The banter and dialogue is entertaining and their outlook on life is as well. I enjoyed seeing how they looked at what they were researching, as if it was the most serious of things to do.  The book was well written, even though it didn’t wow me.  I do think it’s a fun story that will make anyone smile.