The Danger of Destiny (Mystwalker #4) by Leigh Evans

The fourth book in the Mystwalker series, The Danger of Destiny was a little confusing for me. Since I have not read the previous books I was a little lost, but that did not take away from the story at all.

Hedi is half fae and half were. Her twin brother is being held captive by the Old Mage in the fae realm. Hedi goes there and makes a pact with the Old Mage to have her brother released. Her were mate, Robson, follows her to fae land and they are challenged with many obstacles.

The beginning of the book is slow and full of so much back story. It really helps for someone (like me) who has not read the rest of the series. The pace picks up at mid-point and the story really takes off with action, magic, sexy romance, and suspense. I really like the push/pull dynamic between Hedi and Robson. Their mating is intense, but that doesn’t take away from Hedi’s strong will. Lexi, Hedi’s twin brother, is a mess and their relationship was interesting and well developed for a secondary one

Overall, this is a really good book that makes me want to go back and read the rest of the series.