THE CLEOPATRA AFFAIR (Pyramider Spy-Fi #3) by Eric Vinc3nt 1

 TWO THOUSAND YEARS LATER, SHE STILL HAS UNFINISHED BUSINESS.It’s August 2010 when freelance spy Tristan Boumann accepts what should be an easy gig for him: a fact-finding mission concerning an American archeologist assassinated in Cairo. But Tristan’s discovery of the victim’s connection to a former lover leads to an ominous dovetailing of Egyptology, CIA origins, and contemporary geopolitics.  Galvanized by the spell of Egypt’s famed Last Pharaoh while haunted by his family’s tarnished past, Tristan must race to avert a global catastrophe his investigation threatens to unleash.

An American archeologist is shot in Cairo and Tristan Boumann is sent to investigate his murder. His boss wants it to be a quick in and out job, but Tristan seems to attract trouble wherever he goes. He learns that the death is related to an ex-girlfriend’s past, rich history, and the CIA. Not exactly what he had in mind for a quick investigative job.

Since I have not read the other books in the series, I was a little confused about some of the characters. But, this story can work as a stand-alone. There is so much detail and suspense in the story that is pulls the reader into a world full of danger where you feel like part of the action.

One thing I have found is that books this rich in history can get boring after a while. However, never once did I feel like I was reading a textbook. I found the story interesting enough where it kept my attention without overloading my mind.

If you like a good suspense full of spies, Egyptian themes, world traveling, and history, I think you would enjoy this book.


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