Stones in the Road (Sugar Tree #2) by Nick Wilgus

Meeting the future in-laws can be nerve wracking. I’m guessing it’s even more nerve wracking when you’re Wiley Cantrell. When Wiley’s future in-laws come for a visit, he’s presented with a whole new mess of challenges.  He already has so much going on with Noah, his special needs son, how can he possibly take the complications that the parents add to his already complicated situation? Can Wiley and Jackson navigate the hardships that life has thrown them in order to become a real family and get their own happily ever after?

I really liked the first book in this series. It was touching, and this book was no different for me. But, it’s a tough read. So much crap is flung Wiley’s way in this book, it just seems like a never ending stream and quite honestly, it gets a little exhausting. It makes for a dramatic and good story, but I also think you have to offer the reader a little respite. Usually that comes in the form of romance, but this book is not a romance. Don’t get me wrong, this book is definitely about love, but it’s not a romance in the traditional sense.  I almost wish it had a little more romance to it to offset some of the terrible things that happen and come to light.

I really want Wiley and Noah and Jackson to have their happy ending. They are written so realistically that I’m fairly certain there must be families like this out there and want all of those people to have their happily ever afters. I need more of this story.

Overall, I did like this book. It can be tough to read but some of the best things in life are also the most challenging. 4 stars.