Southern Nights Series Spotlight!

 A woman determined to heal…Shy researcher Jess Kingston spent the last eight weeks recovering from her ex-boyfriend’s brutal attack. Body healed, she’s ready to put her life back together—except her ex isn’t ready to let go. She won’t cower in a corner while Brit tortures her, but she’s powerless to fight back.A man determined to resist…Ex-military security specialist Conlan James avoids commitment like the plague. His job, his Harley, and the occasional one-night stand are all he needs, until the day he rescues Jess from a tense situation and realizes he can’t get her off his mind. He can teach her to protect herself, but protecting his heart is another matter.A madman determined to win…

As the deadly game of cat-and-mouse with Brit heats up, so does the hunger between Con and Jess. Safety might be found in numbers, but in bed, all bets are off—and the wrong move could lead to heartbreak. Or death.

What an emotionally charged story! Ella Sheridan’s writing pulls the reader in, grabbing her attention and not letting go!

Jess is coming out of an abusive relationship. Feeling vulnerable and scared, she meets Conlan who has been watching her for a while. As the owner of a security company that also teaches self-defense, he can’t help wanting to protect Jess. Both of them have their own issues and don’t want a relationship. But, as the story progresses, their passion overtakes them both and they can’t deny their feelings.

The intensity of the relationship between Jess and Conlan was so strong that I felt like sparks were flying out of my kindle! There were times where my heart broke for them, and other times where I wanted to yell and scream!  I absolutely love a book that grips my attention and holds it until the end. Even though some of the story might be uncomfortable for some readers, the details needed to be told.

I have a serious book hangover from Teach Me. I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who loves a romantic suspense.


 A woman on a mission…
Maddie Baker spent four years seeking vengeance against the man whose abuse destroyed her life. That search has led her to a small town outside Atlanta and a missing teenage girl. Nothing will stand in the way of her mission, including a jackass of an ex-soldier who reawakens emotions best left to die.
A man on the hunt…
Jack Quinn learned to recognize trouble in the marines, and he sees it in Maddie the minute he lays eyes on her tending bar. Her secrets are hidden deep, but secrets are his specialty, and peeling away her barriers only makes him want her more. He’ll do whatever it takes to get her to trust him with her body and her heart.An old threat whose time has come…
Staying hidden kept Maddie safe, but the search for justice will bring her into the open and face-to-face with her treacherous past. Risking her life is one thing, but risking her heart is another. In love and in danger, she must trust Jack to lead her—and pray they both come out alive.

Book two in the Southern Nights Series, Trust Me is just as gripping as the first one. Maddie was in a horribly abusive marriage. Beaten, raped, and treated as a slave by her husband, she escaped and tries to search for a missing girl.

Jack is co-owner of a security firm and he is intrigued by the new bartender, Maddie. He sees past her “too good to be true” act and can’t stop himself from wanting her. Their chemistry is combustible and intense, creating an amazing amount of sexual tension. Talk about HOT!

I really enjoyed this book in the series. Maddie and Jack’s pasts create so much conflict, making their intensity that much “MORE”. Jack is a strong alpha – having been a soldier who is used to giving orders. Maddie doesn’t take orders, anymore, so their push/pull relationship is full of angst….LOVE IT!

I really love this series and can’t wait to see what book 3 has to hold!


Ella grew up in the Deep South, where books provided adventures, friends, and her first taste of romance. Now she writes her own romantic adventures, with plenty of hot alpha men and the women who love and challenge them. With a day job, a husband, two active teenagers, and two not so active cats, Ella is always busy, but getting the voices in her head down on paper is a top priority.

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