Servant (The Chronicles of Servitude #1) by J.S. Bailey

Servant is a classic tale of Good vs. Evil. Bobby sees things. Horrible things. His premonitions are filled with disastrous events causing him to save lives. But, after seeing the murderous plot to kill a man choses by God to exorcise demons, knowns as the Servant, Bobby’s own life is in danger.

The book starts out strong and keeps going. It’s the type of read that the reader can’t put down for fear of missing something! The author does a fantastic job of weaving a dark tale full of suspense and evil. My gut clenched each time Bobby came upon evil – I think I bit my lip so hard that I have a mark! I really did feel empathy for Bobby and all of the trouble he faced. He couldn’t help that things that he saw and that led him to fearing for his own life or the life of others. The religious and demonic themes were more prevalent than any other relationship in the book. The internal struggle Bobby faced with believing he is good was the main focus.

I enjoyed reading this book a lot and loved the writing. I’m looking forward to the next one in the series.