Secrets and Bow Ties (Secrets #3) by Lou Harper

I only know this is book three of a series because it says it in the blurb. At no time reading it did I feel like I was missing anything or a back story that needed to be filled in. However, I loved it so much I will be going back and finding the first two!

We have Dylan, a twenty three old gay man, which works as a waiter in a very high end restaurant, bar, dance club. And he has one goal, find a sugar daddy. You would think that he would be selfish and unlikable but actually comes off as really likable and a survivor. One of the patrons of the restaurant, Simon ends up coming to the aid of Dylan when he gets into trouble. And throughout the book, Dylan and Simon, who is a college professor in ever since of the word. Stubble through a friendship into a relationship while a slew of bad guys is after Dylan, it’s a fun, sweet, read. We get enough of the pasts to understand why Dylan turned out the way he did. Why the best friend is very much in the picture and why it all works. Both MC’s are likable and good together, the roommates make a good second story line. One of which I hopes gets made into another book?( Surly bartender, hint, hint.)