Roots & Fangs (Highland Shifter Paranormal Romance) by Skye Eagleday & Ripley Sage

 McKay is tracing the steps his beloved grandfather took when leaving Scotland and arriving in the United States. But he discovers his grandfather was fleeing his Fae lover’s Highland relatives. Will history repeat itself when McKay takes a Fae lover of his own? But when McKay’s new lover abandons his Irish Shapeshifter Pooka partner–the Pooka’s jealousy turns deadly. Can love conquer all when only one of you is human?(An adults only story of Supernatural Shifter Love that spans generations)
 McKay is setting out on a quest to discover his grandfather’s roots by going to Scotland and tracing the journey his grandfather took from the Highlands to the States. On his travels McKay brings along his grandfather’s journal and a mysterious stone his grandfather asked him to return to the Highlands. The journey starts off with a bit of naughty intrigue when McKay meets Jordy a forward and attractive flight attendant interested in inducting McKay into the mile high club. Meeting Jordy helps McKay connect with Gillian who offers to help McKay discovers his ancestor’s roots. With Gillian’s help and the introduction to a host of interesting and attractive supernatural characters McKay finds out there is much more to his grandfather’s past life than he could have ever imagined.What I enjoyed about this book was the insertion of history and myths. There’s a bit of Scottish and Irish folklore and it’s intriguing to read the descriptions and a bit of Gaelic verbiage thrown into the mix. The characters are fun. McKay is attractive and laid back. He’s got a big heart and he slips into the world of supernatural immortals smoothly. I don’t if I would have been as easy going about being possessed by a Laird from the past as McKay was. His budding relationship with Nail the sexy fairy prince was sweet and the twist at the end added some depth to their connection. Rory, oh man, if you want to add some spark to your day, night or traditional annual family festival well invite that Pooka because Rory/Maeve knows how to spice things up. I’m hoping Maeve and Gillian continue their relationship. Those two are smokin together.

Roots and Fangs, takes the stories of past cultures, myths and fairytales and adds a paranormal romantic twist to them. It’s a fun, smexy, and fast paced read. I highly suggest reading the first book to Roots and Fangs before starting the second book so you can get to know the main character McKay before you delve into the second part of his story and his continued introduction into the supernatural world of shifters, fae and vampires.