Restless Spirits (Spirits #1) by Jordan L. Hawk

Let me start off by saying I am a fan of Jordan L Hawk’s writing. Her characters have such depth and capture me within the first chapter. I root for those characters and they become my friends almost instantly. Ival and Griffin from Whyborne & Griffin, John, Caleb, and Gray from SPECTR, Dan & Leif in Hainted, and Sebastian, Kai, and Conner from Heart of the Dragon (A book I wish she would continue). As such, I was very excited for her new series Spirits.

Unfortunately, Restless Spirits fell short of my expectations. The plot was well thought out and maybe she was focused on a plot run story, but I never quite felt close to either Vincent or Henry. They were just there, characters in a story that was far more captivating than its champions. I loved Jo and Lizzie more than our two heroes. Now, that said, I will buy the next book in the series to see if the characters grab me. I adore Ms. Hawk’s writing and feel she will *hopefully* bring out more of Vincent and Henry in the next so that I can connect with them.

There is actually much I could write, but I don’t want to give anything away – because, like always, the author paints an imaginative picture with her brush of words. The castle, the ghosts, the science machinery – all of it was laid out for us. With the blurb all about Henry, I must admit to being surprised that the story ended up being from 2 points of view – with the prologue being the reason dear Vincent does not want to play with ghosts anymore. I just wish I felt more for the two main characters.

There was also a rather large plot hole that so jarred me that I went back and read and reread over the passage to see if I’d missed it. Vincent and Henry had been attacked by the malevolent ghost. It had severed the ability for anyone to hear what was going on and they had to hide in the nursery to protect themselves. In the morning, Jo mentioned she never heard them call for help. Neither of our heroes mentioned they had and it made me wonder why she assumed they had called out. Maybe it was a loss-leader, because I doubted Jo for quite some time after that.

There is more than one malevolent being at Reyhome castle. If our two heroes can’t learn to play together, everyone might be trapped forever. And yet, when one of the bad guys gives himself away to one of our heroes, he doesn’t bat an eye. I was railing at him in my head “Don’t trust him!” but did Vincent listen to me? Oh, no! *grins* Dang characters, not listening to their reader.

This was a good story, a very good story. I just wish I had more attachment to the two heroes. While I suggest it, if you haven’t read a Jordan L Hawk yet, I would start with either Whyborne & Griffin if you prefer historical paranormal or SPECTR if you prefer Urban Fantasy/paranormal. Then, read this one. After all, in my opinion those two series are, by far, her best.