Releasing the Shifter (Solitary Shifters #3) by Summer Devon

 To save his love he must face his monster and—worse—be nice to people.Montag is a monster. He doesn’t know what sort of creature he would turn into if he ever let himself shift, but he knows it’s something predatory and lethal. He fights back the urge to shift every day of his life, and has never dared get close to anyone—not that they want him to. He can literally smell their fear.Kevin’s not scared of monsters. He works for the SSU, the agency in charge of tracking shifters—particularly the dangerous ones. When he and his young niece are kidnapped by her scum-bucket dad, he’s grateful to be rescued by Montag, whose curmudgeonly defenses can’t hide the kind man beneath.As they work together to protect Kevin’s niece, attraction sizzles between them. But their relationship may not survive if Montag learns who writes Kevin’s paycheck—or if Montag dares to confront the inner monster he hates and fears.Warning: Contains a grouchy virgin shifter (and we mean virginal in all possible ways), a hero with a back pocket full of secrets, and a couple of jerks.
This is book three in the series, but you do not need to read the previous ones to understand. I’ve have not read any of them not even the blurbs and I completely loved and understood this book.
I’ve said it before; I simply love shifter books and read a ton of them! So finding one that has a unique story line is hard to find. And boy does this one! We have Montag, a shifter in hiding because the overall thoughts of the world are, shifters as a whole are ok as long as they are contained and in the small town he grew up in, the way his parents reacted when they found out he was one has left a bad taste so all of his life he has hidden away. Who he is and what he is. Then we have Kevin a human who works for the agency that polices shifters and is part of the problem and fear Montag has built up over the years. So having that same person stumbling into Montag’s life, turns it upside down and shows him that maybe being his true self it’s so bad. I liked the chemistry not just between the two main MC’s but the secondary people as well. The light hearted banter, the soothing way Kevin had, and of course the take no prisoners Montag show over Kevin.
The interesting twist with the agency angle makes for a great series.

I didn’t have high hopes for this story when I went into it. But, it surprised me with how good it was. Kevin is an investigator – he investigates shifters. Kidnapped by his psychopath extended family, he is rescued by Montag, an unlikely “hero”.

Montag is a loner and doesn’t trust anyone. He has so many issues and loathes himself (and other shifters). Montag is asked to scare some new locals and agrees to the job. Instead, he finds Kevin, his sister, and his niece and helps them.

Kevin and Montag are total opposites, but it works really well. They each balance and complement each other in a way that works. Kevin is afraid to tell Montag that he is an agent for fear that he will reject him. He sees the good in Montag, even when Montag does not see it in himself. Their attraction and romance is so sexy and sensual! I really enjoyed that part of the story.

The action and suspense really worked well within the story. It created enough angst and conflict without overwhelming the romantic elements of the book. I really enjoyed reading it and will have to grab the rest of the series to check it out, as well.