Prey (Marko Delacroix #1) by Alaska Angelini

 **WARNING** This is not your typical romance.
This book is DARK. If you’re expecting this story to end in a happily ever after, this book is NOT for you. Although there are romantic elements, building for further into the series, you will not be swept off your feet by the last sentence. You will most likely be left open-mouthed or cursing me to hell and back. If you like huge doses of obsession, stalking, bloodplay (think, vampire)….then, yes, this book is for you.
There are things that exist that cannot be explained or comprehended. Creatures so terrifying that the human mind refuses to believe the possibility of existence. Romantism of evil can only get you so far—dead.
The stories are there throughout history. The proof is not. At least…until now.
We’re here, moving amongst the shadows. Living beneath the homes and streets you believe are safe. You are not safe. You never
were. All the times you looked over your shoulder because you felt you were being watched—hunted—you were.
I am Marko Delacroix and I am not redeemable. None of us are. I am a Master Vampire and the worst kind of man there is alive or dead. I will make you fear me, want me, and then then I will kill you. It is the nature of who we are. Of the game. And yes, to us, this IS a game.
Man versus the undead. The undead versus ourselves.
In a new world of change and acceptance, no one is safe. But they don’t know that yet.
**WARNING #2: This book contains very graphic
violence, disturbing situations, and very strong language. Intended for mature

Marko is a Master Vampire. He stalks, he hunts, and he preys upon unsuspecting people. One night, he crosses paths with Tessa and he decides that he must have her. He wants her to want him, and she does. But what is real and what is blood? Will Marko be able to do away with Tessa when he must?

Dark romance is a big thing these days. But I can’t say that I’ve read a lot of dark paranormal romance, this might just be the first. There’s such a sinister element to this story. I mean, usually with stories like this you get a lot of fluffy, lovey crap that makes vampires not seems so scary (like sparkles!) but with this one, Marko is not a good guy. I think even as a human he’d be kind of a sadistic jerk. And while we do see the good in him at points, the way the story of him and Tessa is written is not puppy dogs and rainbows, let me tell you.

They have great chemistry, though, and the author really keeps the mystery going. I couldn’t tell you what way it was going to go between Marko and Tessa. They hate each other; they can’t get enough of each other. There’s cruelty and there’s fire between them…it was quite different!

Overall, I thought this was a great story. It actually reminded me a little bit of Anne Rice, and we all know she’s the queen of the vampire story. So, good job! Can’t wait to read more. 4 stars.


This may be one of the most contradictory reviews I’ve written in a while. Although I enjoyed Prey, I really didn’t get sucked into the story until I was probably 75% into the book. It’s not that the early parts of the book weren’t interesting, because they were. Perhaps I wasn’t in the mood to read a vampire book today, but Ms. Angelini’s writing is so smooth that I had no choice but to read on once I began the book. I felt compelled to read the next page and the next until I reached the end. Prey flows well and the inner and outer turmoil that Tessa and Marko experience kept me reading on to see what happened next. At this point you’re wondering why I said I didn’t get sucked in from the beginning because it certainly sounds like I did. I did warn you that I was going to be contradictory.

What I mean is that while I enjoyed the story and how everything unfolded between Marko, Tessa, and Hunter, I wasn’t sure if I was interested in reading the second book in the series. Prey entertained me and kept me engaged, but did I want more? While the action was intense, the struggle real, and the sex hot, until the end neared there was no resounding yes, but rather a “hmmm… I’ll put in on my to-be read list for the next time I’m in a vampire mood,” which is a noncommittal maybe at best. But the closer I got to the end, the more I wanted to read on. I became more and more intrigued with why those around Marko were willing to take possession of Tessa despite knowing that her blood would not taste pleasant to them due to Marko’s claiming. I wanted to know what Julius’s vision was as he seemed to be playing Marko off of Tessa and vice versa. I wanted to know if Marie’s vision regarding Hunter would come to pass. I wanted to know if Tessa would survive Marko as he stalked her on that final fateful night. If she did, did he? If they both did, what would that mean for Tessa? Of course it helps none that my two sides are warring with themselves – the romantic who wants to see if Tessa can get through to Marko’s humanity and the action/adventure lover who wants to see the war commence between humans and vampires. But these two seemingly conflicting sides are what left me wanting Blood Bound, the next book in the series, because I need to know what the author has in store for Tessa, Marko, and Hunter and what their future brings for humanity. Well done Ms. Angelini, well done.


Marko has been a vampire for a long, long, time and doesn’t remember what it is to be human. His life is boring until he sees Tessa and wants her. His attraction to her is instantaneous, but he wants to claim her….as his prey.

Marko is sexy and strong and isn’t afraid of his desire for Tessa’s blood. On the other hand, Tessa is also strong and smart, even though she gets pulled into Marko’s game of hunter vs prey. Their relationship is very intense and so darn HOT!! Marko is the kind of character that makes girls want to be bitten! The conflicting emotions between Tessa and Marko left me wanting more!

While the story was full of angst and the cliffhanger at the end is a little frustrating, the entire book was a fantastic read! Anyone that is a fan of a good paranormal (vampires in particular) would really enjoy this book!


Marko Delacroix isn’t the vampire lover who wants to sweep you off your feet, make you his beloved and romance you until the end of your days. No he wants to end your days. Marko is the killer in the shadows. He is the monster in the night on the hunt for prey. He is fear and death. He is a Master Vampire who only wishes to feed and he doesn’t care whose life he ruins or takes. It’s all game for him, a game he revels in playing night after night until he turns his predatory instincts toward a human woman named Tessa. There is something about Tessa that calls to him on every level of instinct. Her scent is beyond enchanting, her voice distracting and her long hair mesmerizing. He can’t keep his thoughts off of her. He wants her more than he has ever wanted anything or anyone.

The need to possess her, taste her, touch her and kill her has whipped him into a frenzy of addiction to the point that he does something he has never done before. He feeds her his blood and they become connected on a physical and emotional level. They develop a bond that turns into a love/hate relationship. They can’t stay away from one another yet they want nothing more than to take the other’s life and end the misery and desire that consumes them both.

The storyline is an interesting journey into the confusing emotions that both the hunter and prey go through. One minute you think Tessa and Marko could have a relationship built on love and the next minute you’re ready for Tessa to finally kill Marko or for Marko to finally kill Tessa and end the chaotic situation they are both trapped in.

The underground world that the vampires inhabit is what really brought the storyline together and had me engaged. I would have enjoyed delving deeper into that world and I hope that is what happens in the next books. Tessa was a likeable character but I found myself far more interested in some of the secondary characters like Hunter and Marie. I really felt drawn to Tessa and Marie’s friendship even more than I did with Tessa and Marko’s relationship/non relationship. Marko has yet to capture my attention and perhaps that’s because as of right now he’s more of an animalistic predator and obsessed stalker than a being with depth. Maybe he’ll win me over in the next book.

Alaska is an erotic BDSM author who also goes by the pen names Jennifer Salaiz and Jenny May. She lives in the SF Bay area…for now. She’s a dreamer, and longs for the day when her husband and kids can load up in the car and drive until their hearts’ content. Adventure and discovering new places play a huge role in Alaska’s life. It drives her, and feeds the creativity of coming up with new locations for her stories.
Within the last two years, Alaska and her family have drove across the country twice, and also drove the distance from Texas to California three times. Asked, if she could choose one place to permanently settle down, where would it be, Alaska laughed. “Montana, today. Tomorrow, it may be Alaska, again. I go back and
When Alaska is not dreaming of spontaneously hitting the road to find a new place to write about, she’s being a mother and wife. If you’re looking to connect with her to learn more, feel free to message or find her on Facebook.