Penthouse Prince (Entangled Indulgence) by Virginia Nelson

Let me preface this by saying I do enjoy books by Virginia Nelson. Her sense of humor always makes me smile and her characters are usually believable. This one was good, but I’m not sure it held up. Don’t get me wrong. I liked Camden and Jeanie. But I think it’s kind of wrong when as a reader, I just didn’t root for the two to get together. Why? Because I don’t think Jeanie will ever feel comfortable in that kind of life. It just didn’t work for me. Camden I liked, and Lowe I absolutely loved. But the Cinderella-style romance didn’t work for me.

Plus, the little things that make no sense. How did her former boss get up into Camden’s penthouse apartment AFTER he was fired? (And why did it take so long for Camden to have him fired?) In that kind of company, he would have been escorted off the premises and definitely not allowed upstairs to the private residence. And suddenly we’re supposed to believe Camden’s dad is making all nicey-nicey at the end when he’s been such an incredible Pain the whole way through? Nope. Didn’t buy it.