Love Matters by Sean Michael

 For ten years they’ve done things Trey’s way. Now Lucien wants more. He wants to be with his lover full-time. Is Trey ready? Will he ever be?
Ten years after they first met and fell in love, Lucien and Trey are still together—after a fashion. Terrified that he’s going to become entirely dependent on Lucien, Trey calls his lover to come spend four to five days with him whenever he finishes a novel. Lucien wants more, but up until now has been willing to bow to Trey’s wishes.Finally broaching the idea of seeing each other more often, during Trey’s writing periods, Lucien suggests that they begin to date each other on Friday nights. Trey agrees to the experiment and begins to flourish as Lucien gets him out of the house more—to eat, to swim, to visit the beach.But can Trey remain faithful to his work ethic, get the job done with his novels and enjoy the distractions and adventures Lucien plans for him? Or will Lucien’s desire to have more break them apart?

Only time will tell.

Reader Advisory: This books contains scenes involving fisting and detailed references to enemas.

 I was really looking forward to this book because I had read the short, Size Matters, in the What’s His Passion? Bundle when it first came out. And the chance to catch up with Trey and Lucien and find out what’s going with them. I’m really happy to say that I ended up enjoying this book such much that I want more from them!!!

I did love how the author went so detailed about what Trey was going through with his books, yet he was also willing to accept Lucien’s help when he needed it. Throughout the book we were able to follow along with the relationship that has been around for 10 years, go through a drastic change, and able to watch as the characters also changed.

I really felt like the story progressed extremely smoothly, and it was done very well overall. This is the first series that I have read from this author, but I can tell you it won’t be the last! Even though there were some scenes (see the warning on the blurb) that I don’t particularly like, I thought that the author did a great job with them. They didn’t deter me from reading further into the story! I would say that everyone should give this book a shot!