HOOK: The Untold Stories of Neverland by K.R. Thompson 2

 Archie Jameson sat in the dark corners of the print shop, dreaming of adventure. Today, it found him. Caught in a chilly October storm, he ducked into a tavern, hoping to escape the rain. What he found, was a room teeming with pirates. Shanghaied by the most elderly of the lot, Archie found himself serving on a ship captained by the fiercest pirate ever to sail the seven seas— the man known as Blackbeard. Through a series of thrilling twists, Archie finds himself captain of another of Blackbeard’s ships, the Jolig Roger. In an attempt to flee danger, his ship becomes lost under stars never before seen. Determined to save both his crew and the woman he loves, Archie will make decisions that will forever seal his fate. Discover the untold story of the man who became Captain Hook.

Everyone knows the tale of Peter Pan. But, not everyone knows how Peter and Cap’n Hook came to be enemies and why Hook was so mean and cruel. This book tells the story of Hook before Peter took Wendy and her siblings off to Neverland.
Archibald was a young man trying to make ends meet. One night, he was trying to get home in the rain and took entered a tavern near the docks. From then on, his life was never the same. He was kidnapped and made to work for the dreaded Blackbeard. Becoming one of Blackbeard’s trusted mates and his life as “Hook” begins.
This story was so gripping and entertaining with familiar characters and some newer ones. This is not your childhood fairy tale, but a darker, more graphic prequel to the beloved story of Peter. Hook’s history was so intriguing that I did not want to put this book down!
If you love Peter Pan, I HIGHLY recommend you pick up this book. Just be prepared to not do anything else until you’re done reading it.


K.R. Thompson was raised in the Appalachian Mountains. She lives in
southwestern Virginia with her husband, son, three cats, and an
undeterminable amount of chickens.
An avid reader and firm believer in magic, she spends her nights either reading an adventure or writing one.
She still watches for evidence of Bigfoot in the mud of Wolf Creek.


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