Heart Mates (Pull of the Moon #1) by Mary Hughes

I always turn to a good PNR (Paranormal Romance) book when I’m in a reading slump, and this is the exact kind of book that I love!  Mary Hughes built a world where there were so many magical creatures that I felt like I was part of it. LOVE that in a book!

Sophia and Noah were destined to be together. But, as a witch and a shifter, they are ALLERGIC to each other!! Seriously! How unique is that idea! LOVE IT! They fight to be together and even visit the Witch’s Council for help. Their relationship was steamy – fire coming off the page kind of steamy! The fact that it is a forbidden pairing just created that much more intensity between the two. But, the banter between the characters was so funny that it was about more than just their relationship. I mean, humans are called mundanes because they don’t have any powers! LOVE that!

All in all, this is a fun and steamy read that is perfect for a relaxing weekend.