GIFTED (The World of Flesh and Blood book 1) by Agapé Perez

Gifted is full of so many twists and turns that you would think it would be difficult to put down. But, with so much going on, it was distracting and chaotic for me.

Agape was in a maximum security prison because he is “Gifted”. He has the ability to attract the insane and dead to occupy his body. He can’t control it and he can’t get away from it. He wants to go back to living his life, but can’t because of his “gift”. Agape discovers a way to time travel to go back to a time before his gift appeared. Things happen and they don’t work out the way he wanted.

I really did feel bad for Agape. How could anyone survive with all of that madness inside of him? He really did want to be normal. In his world, being Gifted isn’t a good thing like it is today. Think of how much of an outcast he felt like.  The author did a good job conveying sympathy for Agape without making him seem like a lost cause.

All in all, the world building was good, as was the writing. I enjoyed reading this book, but wasn’t wowed by it.