Getting It Right by Christi Williams

 Named for the Goddess of Desire, can she dream of lasting happiness with only one man?Selene Pertunda has no trouble attracting a man. She just can’t seem to find the right one. From abusive husband Robert to tattooed bad boy lover Kevin, Selene draws men to her like bears to her honeypot. The problem is that none of them proves to be a good fit.Sure she will never find a shared happiness, Selene has no way to suspect she’s drawn the attention of a powerful goddess. So she scoffs at the idea that the handsome man who begins to play a large part in her life could be her destiny. After all, what could worldly, educated Beck McNeal want with a small-town girl like Selene?Selene and Beck try to their best to resist the inexplicable mutual magnetism flaring between them. But can two ordinary people avoid the decree of the Goddess of Desire?
Selene has never had the best luck with men. With an abusive husband, she has given up on finding the right guy. Beck is a manly man and not someone Selene thinks she stands a chance with. They are both stubborn and kind of immature when it comes to their relationship.
Fortuna, a Goddess of Desire, has taken an interest in Selene and casts spells in order to control Beck and Selene and their desire for one another. I liked this part of the story and how Fortuna uses her powers. It added the right catalyst to push these two together since they were both too “dumb” to do anything other than sabotage their relationship.
While I did not enjoy the characters of Selene and Beck, I did enjoy the story and the different nature the Goddess added to it. These two reminded me of whiney teenagers and I just wanted to reach into the pages and
boink their heads together! I’m curious to read more from this author and hope the characters aren’t as immature.