Firebird by Pelaam

This book doesn’t fit into one specific genre, which is something that I love. There is a bit of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, and a little history all wrapped up in one story. Since I have not read anything by this author, I enjoyed the different aspects of this book. But, some parts were dark and difficult to get through.

Cassian is a pawn being used to bait and catch a Firebird. Firebirds are thought to be dangerous creatures. He is rescued by one after being hurt and discovers that they are not all that they were thought to be.

Arturri is the Firebird that rescues Cassian. He lets Cassian into his home and in return falls for him. As a castaway of his world, he is smart and resilient. Unfortunately, that doesn’t help him from being captured by the Monarch.

 I enjoyed the adventurous nature of this story. The world building was inventive and complex enough to keep my attention. Cassian and Arturri’s attraction was sensual, yet not too much so that it took away from their strength. It was tough to read about Cassian’s abuse by his supervisors, but it did help move the story. All in all, this was a good story and I look forward to reading more by this author.