Dragon Choir by Benjamin Descovich

Fantasy Adventure story lines are very popular. Dragon Choir fits into this genre with its adventurous, fast paced, mysterious story. Full of action, this is a book that my husband would enjoy much more than I did.

The writing is very descriptive and keeps the reader entertained. I found nothing wrong with the story-telling of the author. What I did not enjoy was the actual adventure. Reading and opinions are such a subjective nature, so what one person likes another does not. While, I did enjoy the fantasy elements of the story, the pace and adventure lost me. The book did not hold my attention well, even though it was a good story, overall. There was a prophecy mentioned and I wish more was revealed about it. Maybe it will be in another story, but I felt like I was cheated out of information as a reader.  Elrin was an interesting character – adapting to different situations.

This book is a fast paced, intense, fantasy that is full of adventure. The blurb is interesting and pulls the reader in. But, that’s where the wow factor ended for me.  Unfortunately, it was just an ok read for me.