Defined By Deceit by A.E. Via

This story has many charterers and they all play important roles in bringing a beautiful, tragic and well written story to life. We have the two main MC’s Llewellyn, who at the age of 18 was accused of raping his then boyfriend, Moss age seventeen. During his time in jail he is befriended by Ace. Ace takes Liew under his wing and protects him from some truly bad men. Eight years later, Llew is out of jail and heading home to his brothers trailer and business. But the welcoming although wonderful from his brother is less than friendly from the town and local police. After finding out his brother has been losing business and being harassed by the local police, Llew decides to head to a different town and start over, again. This is where he meets Shane, Shane owns a construction company and on a chance meeting in the street offers him a job. Llew finally feels like he has gotten the break he needs until his past catches up with him. Shane can see that Llew is a caring soul and doesn’t believe the things people are saying and would like a chance with the man, but can he convince this skittish but beautiful person that he is worth a second chance?

WOW, what an emotional roller coaster. First the then eighteen year old Llew, fighting for what he believes in only to realize that the guy he loves/loved Moss may not love him after all. And that money really does talk, when Moss’s Mayor Father steps in and his world comes crashing down. Fast forward eight years, jail has not only harden him but made him realize he will truly never be the same, he will never be able to love again. Just breaks your heart and makes you want to reach in and smack Moss. The supporting characters are just as well written as the main. Lending to an in-depth, heart wrenching, heartwarming, story. This is a very mature story, although I must add there are NO scenes of rape or talk of rape, just the type of story the context itself is mature. This one is not like anything else this author has written, which shows us the growth she has gone through in just a few years. I can’t wait to see what she has install for us next.