Castle by the Sea (What Waits in the Shadows) by J.G. Faherty

  How did they get here? Will they ever get out?
Jason and Erika are having a wonderful time at the Halloween carnival…until their swan boat in the Tunnel of Love capsizes amid heavy waves and blaring, maniacal laughter. When they come to they are no longer in a carnival in Ohio, but standing at the edge of a sea in a raging storm. In the distance, atop a high, barren hill, looms an enormous castle.
Instead of answers, Jason and Erika find only more impossibilities within the stone walls. The lavish rooms are lit only by torches and fireplaces, the decorations and furniture are a century out of date, and the mysterious host claims to not own one of those newfangled telephone inventions. Outside, in the storm and the dense mist, lurk strange, threatening figures. Inside, another couple seeking refuge think it must all be a nightmare. Perhaps it is. Or perhaps it’s something much, much worse.
For a short novella, Castle by the Sea grabs the reader’s attention and does not let go. It begins in a carnival boat ride.  Erika and Jason ride the Tunnel of Love, but the boat overturns and they end up in the stormy seas. They see a Castle and head to shore for safety. Another couple has escaped to safely at the Castle and they aren’t sure what is real and what is a figment of their imaginations. The way it was told was so creative and mysterious.
Filled with twists and turns and horror and mystery, the author creates such a confusing and scary atmosphere (in a good way).  This is my first time reading anything by this author and I really enjoyed it! For such a short book, it’s packed with a
LOT of punch – I’d love to read anything by this author, again.