Bloodline (Whyborne & Griffin #5) by Jordan L. Hawk

If you’ve read my other reviews, you’ll know I adore Jordan L. Hawk’s books. Her Whyborne & Griffin novels are some of my favorite M/M of all time. That said – I still haven’t been able to finish Necropolis, Book 4, and I’m not quite sure why. But this review is about Bloodline, book 5, and oh wow, Ms. Hawk sent us on another adventure.

Our dear Whyborne is now a sorcerer. Not through any fault of his own, but a natural inclination he does not quite understand. He hides much of what he does because he feels his partner Griffin looks down upon it and as his gift has saved the two of them countless times, he feels it is safe. In this novel, he finds out how unsafe it can be. For him.

In Bloodline, his elder sister comes home to visit with distant relatives – the Endicotts – in tow. Now, if like me, you’ve read Remnant, a book co-written by Hawk and KJ Charles, warning bells should go off at that name. Our dear Whyborne, however, doesn’t hear them. Instead, he finds pleasure in being in the company of his cousins who are like him. They, too, are sorcerers and live their lives getting rid of monsters. While Griffin distrusts them, mostly through jealousy we are led to believe – though Whyborne thinks it has merely to do with them being able to do the things he can do – Whyborne enlists their help when one of his family is murdered. When his beloved childhood nurse is murdered soon after, he and Griffin are desperate to solve the case.

Of course there are problems: Ketoi, a strange monster from the deep of the ocean keeps attacking ships and murdering everyone on board. Whyborne, is almost overtaken by a stone his sister had stashed in her belongings. Torn in anger from both his sister’s and his nurse’s deaths, he is set with revenge on his mind. His cousins are thrilled and encourage him on it. If it weren’t for Griffin, Whyborne might have killed the wrong man.

There were a few times in this book I wanted to smack Whyborne across the head and yell “Trust Griffin, you idiot!” but of course, I couldn’t. I can’t tell you much more about the story because it would give away so many of the “oooooh” moments. But I can tell you this: Bloodline is full of surprises. You find out exactly where Whyborne comes from, what his lineage is, and where his powers stem from. You meet his elder sister and find out just how depraved his elder brother actually is. You’ll see his father in ruin, his mother changed, and his whole life turned upside down. But one thing stands true: Whyborne has two people he can rely on no matter what… if he doesn’t succeed in pushing them away by trusting the wrong people.

Another 5-star for Bloodline. I can hardly wait for the audio version to become available. Yeah, I’m definitely sold on anything Jordan L. Hawk.